The way we approach lighting is an integral part of our philosophy, thus always reflected in our projects. Opposed to the impression that light can improve space, hide imperfections or accentuate beauty we strongly maintain that light only captures reality. Light is honest and presents things exactly as they are. It cannot function as an illusion taking advantage of the human vision limitations like a distorting mirror in an amusement park. Light cannot be identified with the role of a magician or an illusionist since this role is against the principles it stands for. Light is the narrator of a story written by space and time and therefore unable of changing any of the words in it. What should it convey is an accurate and clear narrative.

Architectural lighting and architecture acquire a sense of sincerity and an untold desire to describe things as they are. Since light can make the everyday life of people who use a particular space a bit easier or slightly more difficult, the focal point for us becomes the users, not the space. Whether a room is illuminated by the monochromatic yellowish light of a low pressure sodium lamp hanging from its center, or more state-of-the-art sources based on a thorough study, the outcome remains unchangeable. Space stays the same. What is different is the perception and emotions of people, and even this condition is considered temporary as human vision can adapt to the most extreme conditions.

Our objective is to express reality through light and therefore make people’s lives a little easier. This slight change for the better may sound insignificant, however, it is of major importance since it takes a lot of effort and hard work in order to be achieved.

As far as change is concerned, it seems that architecture, lighting, music and literature are not enough to transform the world, but people are. Only people acquire the power of change, so they have inevitably become our prime focus. All of our efforts are aimed at offering them peace of mind. This includes enabling them to read a book without struggling, establish intimacy with their loved ones, chat or fall in love. We wish to ensure that they will feel fresh the minute they return home from work and play with their children; enjoy their favourite music at the coziest corner in their house; throw a dinner party but this time colours will prevail and flavours will follow; walk safely in the streets but also have fun at squares in the summer; be out and about in a city where buildings are illuminated by breaking new ground away from clichés, still not frivolous; create a night visual rhythm in the urban surroundings guided only by their real identity, good or bad doesn’t matter as long as it’s genuine; thrive under the right light in a world they have envisioned.

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