Our choice is to be absolutely clear towards our customers. We want them to know exactly what we do and how we do it. No hidden activities, no exaggerations, no big words, no rants. And since nobody wants to be repeated here’s a list of 31 straightforwards answers to questions we frequently get. If your question is not included in the list feel free to ask at welcome [at] luun [dot] gr.


What is LUUN?
If we had to give the definition of our job in one sentence it would be “complete design and product coverage of projects regarding lighting”. We are a fusion of a design office and a distributor.
What does “LUUN” stand for?
It’s an invented short name, with harmonious writing and sound, reminiscent of many words of latin origin that have to do with light and begin with “lu—” e.g. luminous, lumen, lux, luna, luminaire etc.
What is architectural lighting?
Architectural lighting refers to the built environment, both interior and exterior. It has to do mostly with the installation of permanent lighting systems for functional or aesthetical purposes.
Who are your clients and what kind of projects do you undertake?
Our core clientele consists of architects, interior designers, landscape designers, lighting designers, engineers, constructors, as well as private clients, on a wide range of projects like residences, office spaces, retail, food & drink stores, hotels, museums, public spaces, archaeological sites, churches and worship places among others.
Do you have a retail store?
No. Our sales business model is project driven (contract). We do have a showroom for our clients to see and test the materials but we don’t have a retail store.


Free or paid design service?
Free design is complementary to products sales and it provides only a basic output since in professional lighting you shouldn’t just go and install lights first without having taken into account important scientific factors. Paid is much more sophisticated and is completely independent from the products that we sale. We use products from any manufacturer around the globe.
How do you charge the paid design service?
We pre-agree a fair and reasonable price with the customer.
How skilled is your design department?
We don’t like to brag or use grandiose, pompous words. Let’s just say our design department is staffed by people -architects, interior designers and lighting designers- who know what they are doing. Ask to see examples of our work. Also have in mind that we care about our business. Only a good result will bring us the next project. As you’ll see and in our website we are not showing products but projects. If the good products are the necessary luggage for the trip to success, the good design is the passport. And depending the project’s requirements lighting design can be something quite simple, or an exceptionally complex and demanding task.
Is the electrical design included in your studies?
No. The lighting design goes as far as the groupings of light points and the suggested lighting scenes. It’s up to the electrical engineer to do the calculations relating to cables, load distribution, electrical panels etc.
When do you design bespoke products? What’s the manufacturing process involved?
There are projects where the architectural solution requires an innovative fixture or a special structure that incorporates light. In cases like that, in collaboration with the architect or the designer, we design a bespoke product which is crafted and assembled by skilled and trusted partners. We check thoroughly the quality, the conformity to the design, the electrical and mechanical protection and if necessary the water-tightness and the load-bearing capacity.
Can you give me a reliable picture of the final result of the lighting?
Yes. In addition to the numbers, diagramms and technical details that many people may find difficult to understand, we can give you a quite reliable picture of how your space, facade or landscape will look with the lights on.


Why shouldn’t I buy lights on my own, or with the help of my electrician?
Easy solutions can generate unpleasant results. Don’t forget that lighting affects vision and mood. Proper lighting is good for the eyes and the soul.
Why shouldn’t I just buy cheap copies of the lights you’ve suggested?
We could give you 100 reasons for not doing so, but someone else might give you just as many reasons for doing so. That’s not the issue. What you need to do is ask yourself whether you would buy a CD from a street vendor, whether you would buy a cheap version of some designer clothing, or whether you would buy a fake watch? If the answer is yes, then why not go ahead and buy cheap copies of the lights we’ve suggested.
Will I save energy?
Definitely. LUUN always takes that factor into account and not just in terms of installing equipmnet with low energy footprint. Don’t forget that you can have significant energy savings from a proper layout and the installation of just the right number of lights.
Can the lighting be centrally and remotely controlled allowing me to dim and programme the light points or to create preset scenes?
Of course. Ask us about lighting control systems. They’re easy to install and—nowdays—very simple to use.
When’s the right time for a lighting design to be prepared?
If the lighting design is done before construction work begins, when the architectural design is finished, you can avoid a lot of mistakes and make major savings.


What does a lighting consultant do?
A lighting consultant is someone who is responsible for your project and whose purpose is to meet your needs as best as possible. He will listen to you, monitor the design process, place the order and in many cases will also supervise the installation and will deal with any problems that arise during the project.
What’s your pricing policy?
The manufacturers LUUN collaborates with usually have a single price list, at least within the European Union. That means you’ll find the same product with the same retail price in any EU country. Having said that, every agent offers a discount and part of that can be rolled over to his customers.
Why can’t I have a really huge discount like the one another company gave me?
Quite simply because LUUN doesn’t use bad, misleading commercial tactics like over-inflating its prices in order to be able to give huge discounts.
Why is exactly the same product cheaper in e-shops?
That’s only to be expected. An e-shop doesn’t have the overheads that an architectural lighting firm may have (staff, showroom, services etc.). But of course an e-shop does not provide any kind of assistance and support.
How many days does it take for the lights to arrive after I place the order?
Normally speaking, our delivery periods don’t exceed 2 weeks. However, in some cases delivery times can be 4 to 5 weeks.
Is there a wide range of products available? Are the products sufficient to cover the needs of each and every project?
Our primary objective is to work in partnership with manufacturers to cover the greatest possible range of lighting applications.


Do you also install the lights?
No. but if you want, we can recommend specialist teams that do this.
My product is defective! What happens now?
LUUN collaborates with reliable European manufacturers to ensure the best possible product quality. However, sometimes there are defects, as happens with all mass-produced items or even, in somecases, with the most sophisticated handmade. If the defect is due to a manufacturer‘s error, we’ll make sure that the product is replaced as soon as possible.
What guarantee do the products come with?
Depends the manufacturer. The usual is 5 years.
I can’t get used to the new lighting! What’s going on?
If there is no obvious problem (e.g. intense glare) that concerns you and you are simply having difficulty adjusting, then in all likelihood everything went well! Bear in mind that the human brain needs time to adjust to new lighting conditions. After a few days everything will seem normal, and you’ll be able to assess the upside of the new lighting scheme.
Can I return products that I don’t want to keep for whatever reason?
No. We do not accept returns.


Do you also do any other kind of design (e.g. interior, landscape) except lighting?
No. There are experts for these jobs such as architects, interior designers, landscape designers etc who can help you. There are some very talented ones in Greece that we’d be happy to recommend you.
What’s your opinion about the numerous, cheap products that have inundated the market?
We have no problem with the idea of cheap. A cheap product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of bad quality. Though have in mind that always good design is honest and long-lasting. Don’t forget thought Aldo Gucci’s words, there’s a lot of truth in them: “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
What’s your opinion about the holistic approach to lighting that various companies promise?
Without wanting to generalize, Katie Henderson (@hondohondohondo) put it perfectly when she said: “Holistic approach: Let us do everything for you, we need the money.”