on us

Our work focuses on selling high quality architectural lighting equipment and providing all the necessary technical support to architects, lighting designers, interior designers, engineers, contractors and individuals.

Our consulting services are free of charge and only support our sales. If you are looking for a specialized lighting design service, there are excellent lighting designers we work with and we can highly recommend you.

The bottom line of our view on architectural lighting is that a successful lighting scheme should be a seamless, complimentary layer to an interior or exterior; the user should be blissfully unaware of its presence, and yet be able to fully appreciate the space in all its details.

Who is who

Ifigeneia (Faye) Krinta

Founder - Office Manager

By making an impressive and bold turn in her career, Faye founded LUUN in 2015. She takes great pleasure in well-executed plans and completed to-do lists. Her strategic communication, creative problem solving, and project management skills make her a perfect team leader. But when it’s time to relax she experiments with new food recipes, binge watches tv shows, or spends time with her two boys.

Theodora (Dora) Papadopoulou

Lighting Designer

Dora has a diploma in Architecture (AUTH) and an MSc in Lighting Design (HOU). Her professional skills along with her attention to (big) details, aptitude for managing people and her organizational skills, position her as the lead of our design team. She loves the A to Z process that big projects require to be successful, and she’s not afraid of the challenges that may arise on the way - in fact, she welcomes them. When she’s not busy ensuring that we’re meeting deadlines, she rides her bike or plays board games with friends.

Athina Gogouviti

Lighting Designer

Athina defines adventure as pushing yourself to try new things, things that you’re afraid of, that end up having a positive effect. That’s just the type of positive attitude we like to see in our team members. She earned a BA in interior design from Technological Educational Institute of Athens. When she’s not working, she sweats at the gym or travels. And if all else fails, she has a backup career as an amateur dog psychologist.

Vangelis Margiolakis

Project Manager

With a degree in Architecture from NTUA and an MSc in Lighting Design from HOU, Vangelis finds true pleasure in helping others navigate the lighting complexities and put inspiration into action. He knows how to manage tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and translate lots of information into action. When he’s not managing projects, he is involved in scenic design.

Effie Vlachogeorgakopoulou

Junior Lighting Designer

If you were afraid of heights would you climb a mountain? That’s exactly what Effie (the youngest member of the team) did! Her transition from philosophy (diploma from UOP) to interior design and lighting design was full of adventure. For those who first meet her, pronouncing her surname is also an adventure! As a designer, she draws upon a life-long interest in psychology, photography, and technology. She is also a competitive piano player and singer.