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Hammam baths at Makedonia Palace

A brief summary by Sofia Zioga

Following the successful progress of the first hammam in Athens, the team of “hammam baths”, decided to expand in Thessaloniki, and to revive the authentic “hammam” experience, in the city. The new spot is located at the most interesting area of the city, in the newly renovated hotel of “Macedonia Palace”. At an area of 230 m2, at the ground level of the hotel, A2 architects designed the new “hammam baths”, following the same aesthetics of the first one: a simple yet contemporary place, with respect to the tradition of the original, oriental baths. […]

[…] All the materials are chosen with respect to the tradition and the style of the space: Greek marble from Naxos used for the claddings and the floors, custom made ponds have been designed for the rooms. Tiles for the rest of the floors, metal shelves and bronze metal details, and wooden furniture and doors, all compose an authentic yet sophisticated space.

Design: Α2 Architects (Sotiris Anyfantis, Sofia Zioga)
Partners Architects: Vilma Agrafioti, Alexandros Gerousis
Electromechanical Engineering: emg consulting engineers
Construction: Project- Kat
Photos: © Studio | Vavdinoudis – Dimitriou