One of the most interesting products that I found at ArchLIGHT Summit was the new Crystal line of linear recessed luminaires from iGuzzini. Their Opti Diamond optic dazzles. It combines the roles of a low-glare reflector for the LED sources while also behaving as a light guide trim that subtly illuminates the ceiling (see images).

The Opti Diamond optic is offered in a variety of finishes and light distribution patterns for different applications. The two finishes are referred to as “black” or “white,” but this doesn’t convey the effects, in my opinion. The “white” finish looks like a highly reflective polymer reflector that directs light downward, but simultaneously it is a trim and light guide that subtly illuminates the ceiling around the downlight. The “black” finish behaves somewhat like a black baffle in eliminating all glare when viewed at an angle, while maintaining the light guide trim illumination of the ceiling. The white is brighter, and the black creates a more unusual contrast effect.

The Opti Diamond optics are offered with four light distribution patterns:

  • A High Efficiency & Visual Comfort version, with UGR<19, that is designed for workplaces,
  • The Oval distribution version (with both longitudinal and transversal light emission) is designed for narrow environments, like corridors,
  • A General Lighting version for illuminating space evenly / symmetrically and
  • A Wall Washer version for pointing light mainly on the vertical plane.

The Crystal linear downlights can be controlled by smartphone, via the Smart Light Control app. Other performance specifications for the Crystal line include:

  • From 1000 lm to 3300 lm
  • 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Tunable white
  • CRI 80 or 90
  • Up to 156 lm/W
  • General Light, UGR
  • WF, 32°, WW, Oval Beam

Additional information about iGuzzini’s Crystal line is available here.